The powerful & easy-to-use NetApp management solution

Take control of your NetApp environment with Professional Storage Manager

Professional Storage Manager offers unique features in a complete and reliable application. This solution not only gives you more control over your storage environment, but also provides you with the capability to solve issues before they affect your organization.

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Q1 2017 Update

Since NetApp Insight 2016 we've fully implemented our Storage Tier visualisation, added the ability to generate an SVM report, optimized performance and improved the GUI.

On our roadmap for Q1 & Q2 of 2017 are new features: Automated Reporting and Volume Move visualisation. In addition we'll be focusing on basic functionalities, bug fixes and a trial version.

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Many to Many

All-in-one NetApp management solution

Connect all your users and storage systems in one application

No longer is it necessary to manage users and access for each storage system seperately. Professional Storage Manager brings all your users and storage systems together in one application.

This makes Professional Storage Manager ideal for all organizations, including support providers. Easily manage your clients all behind one secure log in.

Fully scalable & future proof

Made for NetApp environments of all sizes

Just like your organization, your NetApp environment changes constantly. As you expand your NetApp environment, you need a future proof solution.

Professional Storage Manager is made for all NetApp environments, regardless of size. All functionalities stay available, making it fully scalable.

Big and Small Environments

Unique & instant insight

Key information made easily accessible

Staying in control of your NetApp environment is about knowing it through and through.

Professional Storage Manager provides a unique and insightful perspective on your environment. The application connects otherwise seperated data to present an easy-to-understand overview.

Intelligent & time-saving approach

Recognize issues and resolve them effortlessly

Solving issues before they affect your organization is key. With Professional Storage Manager you can identify issues quickly. You're also provided with the information and functionalities needed to solve them effortlessly.

Professional Storage Manager differentiates between errors which require your immediate attention, warnings to prevent serious issues and messages to inform about best practices.

Object Status Indicator
Secure User Management

Flexible & secure user management

Full control over user access

Every environment has specific requirements for user management. However, existing solutions are rigid and rarely meet these requirements.

Professional Storage Manager allows you to set user access with more precision and control. Provide access for users to exactly those Clusters and SVMs they need to manage.

Integrated Storage Virtual Machine (SVM) management

Unique management on SVM level

Professional Storage Manager is the first to provide SVM management in an intuitive user interface. Unlocking capablities otherwise only accessible through a complex command line interface.

This feature is fully integrated in Professional Storage Manager, which means all functionalities and advantages seamlessly carry over when working on SVM level.

SVM Management

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Key Functionalities

NAS Namespace Visualization

Namespaces defines in what structure your NAS volumes are organized. When making changes or simply getting a good understanding, a clear visual overview of the namespace is invaluable.

Professional Storage Manager offers this in the form of the NAS Namespace Visualization. On this page you can view the namespace and make changes instantly. Additional information is also provided, including an explorer view and full junction paths.

SAN Connection Chain

Troubleshooting the availability of your SAN volumes is a complicated and tedious task. Many parts can affect the connectivity of your LUN and gaining an accurate and clear overview is very time-consuming.

The SAN Connection Chain is a complete visual representation of the connection between a SAN volume and the end user. Each part of the chain shows its status, allowing you to identify issues instantly. When issues arise, Professional Storage Manager also helps you find the solution.

Storage Tier

View all disks on an aggregate in a clear and easy-to-understand overview. This feature in Professional Storage Manager provides in-depth information on status, configuration and disk types at the blink of an eye.

Volume Types

Instantly distinguish volume types

What would otherwise require time and effort to discover is shown at the blink of an eye. Professional Storage Manager recognizes the type of a volume and displays this for each volume.

This information is also used by the application to determine the best practices for each volume.

Compatible with ONTAP 9

Compatible with ONTAP 9

Professional Storage Manager is developed with ONTAP 9 in mind. Expect full support for even the most up-to-date NetApp environments.

Backwards compatible with ONTAP 8.1

In addition, Professional Storage Manager is fully compatible with NetApp ONTAP 8.1.

User Interface

Intuitive & visual user interface

Instantly get started and speed up your workflow with the user-friendly interface. Quickly navigate through your environment and keep a good overview thanks to a consistent recognizable layout.

For both desktop and mobile devices

Manage your NetApp environment with ease on your tablet. Professional Storage Manager is fully compatible with touchscreen devices.

Volume Types

Active Development

Professional Storage Manager is aimed at meeting the needs of the industry for a visual and powerful NetApp management solution. The goal is to deliver unique and useful features which will make managing your NetApp environment significantly less time consuming and complicated.

Additional features are continuously added as the application is in active development.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Professional Storage Manager?

Professional Storage Manager is a powerful and easy-to-use NetApp management solution. It offers unique features which allow you to manage and monitor your NetApp environment with ease. All presented in a stream-lined, highly accasible user interface.

With what version of ONTAP is Professional Storage Manager compatible?

Professional Storage Manager is developed for ONTAP 9 and is backward-compatible with ONTAP 8. ONTAP 7 is not supported by Professional Storage Manager.

Is Professional Storage Manager available for storage solutions other than NetApp?

For now Professional Storage Manager is developed for NetApp only.

How does Professional Storage Manager communicate with my NetApp environment?

Professional Storage Manager uses the official NetApp SDK to communicate with your environment.

Can I request a demonstration of this product?

We can demonstrate Professional Storage Manager to you. The demonstration can be adapted to your NetApp environment to show what our solution can mean for your organisation. Contact us to schedule a demo. Send a message to or call us at +31 (0)30 658 2120.

What is the pricing for Professional Storage Manager?

Contact us at for pricing information.

Who is Professional Storage Manager developed by?

Professional Storage Manager is developed by Learn2B, a startup based in the Netherlands.


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